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Our services in conjuction with the technical assistance of the design team in London included the sectoral planning´s design coordination, design consultation with the building contractor, the continuation of the implementation planning, as well as the artistic site management.

Client: Messe Frankfurt
Architect: Grimshaw Architects London
Contact Architect: Exitecture Architects
Auftraggeber: Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners Limited Architects, London
Bauzeit: 2002-2004
BGF: ca. 17.000 qm
Baukosten: 33.000.000 EUR
Images: © Waltrad Krase

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exitecture architects | exact.projectmanagement was commissioned by Nicholas Grimshaw & Partner Architects to assist in planning a new logistics building at the Messe Frankfurt with the three-story central supply kitchen for the Messe gastronomy and a five-story office wing.

The New Dependence harbors with 18,850 square feet Hesse´s largest kitchen: 150 cooking pots of 2 to 80 liters | 1,500 griddles | 4,000 bowls | 10,000 canning jars | 6,000 small porcelain bowls | 20,000 plates | 38,000 glasses | 22,000 pieces of cutlery | 12,000 pieces of coffee service | 9,000 pieces of professional clothing for 560 employees. On November 20, 2008, a capacity of 11,400 meals per day was reached. On the average, 60 cooks, 300 waiters and waitresses and 70 employees of the logistical scope and the domestic economy (kitchen workers, dishwashers, clothes distribution, laundry, drivers etc) cater to 2,000 persons.