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exact.projectmanagement were tasked with advising and consultation with the planning team, as well as the cost planning, the solicitation and bidding process and construction supervision.

Client: Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Architect: Schneider+Schumacher Architects, Frankfurt am Main
Bauzeit: 2007-2008
BGF: ca. 2.621 qm
BRI: ca. 9.760 cbm
Costs: ca. 3.700.000 EUR
Award: Hessian Architecture Prize for the best Building
Images: © Joerg Hempel

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The history of the building is to be continued by a careful renovation of the America House, which has historical landmark status.
In 1957 the building was built in accordance with the design of the American architects Sikidmore, Owens and Merrill (SOM) assisted by the German architect Otto Apel. The building in the Staufenstraße, highly regarded because of its modern architecture and interior equipment, will be the home of the Instituto Cervantes after the renovation.

Central to the task besides the renovation and partial reconstruction was taking historical protection law into consideration. The project scope also included a new interpretation of the original auditorium design as well as a newly created room for the library.